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SitRep Communications is a Montreal-based public relations agency offering strategic planning in public relations, corporate communications and risk management.

Since it was founded in 2010, SitRep and it's team has found new ways of maximizing the performance of its clients by adopting a modern approach to communication.

Emerging from the encounter between communication, social media and risk management, our boutique agency offers an innovative, personalized and effective approach to meet your objectives, whatever they may be! Together with business leaders, our consultants design and implement communication and risk management strategies that support the mission, values ​​and business plans of each client.

Much like the team, the expertise of the agency is diversified and strong. SitRep seeks to become your partner and find ways to increase brand recognition, win or retain customers, achieve growth targets, mobilize and motivate teams, obtain more visibility in a market or simply develop positive relationships with stakeholders in your industry.

SitRep’s vision is "to help before seducing, to inform before promoting."


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Accessible solutions. Identifying communication solutions that will best suit your needs.


Satisfied cliens. We develop strategies to help persue your business goals, execute programs and mesure the results to adapt.


A modern approach to communication. We use an effective research and analysis approach to obtain the best results.