our approach

SitRep Communications offers a personalized and effective approach to achieve your goals, whatever they are!

Together with your team, our consultants will design and implement communication and risk management strategies that will support your mission, your values ​​and your business plan.

We help our clients to:

  • increase brand awareness,
  • conquer or increase customer loyalty,
  • achieve growth targets,
  • engage and motivate teams,
  • develop harmonious and productive relationships with all stakeholders and key influencers in their industry.

Because SitRep initially creates a positive human experience at all stages of the integrated communication cycle, clients learn to communicate differently.

We analyze and retain the best industry practices to meet the expectations of our partners and the ever changing environments.

We focus on the progression and resolution of issues or problems and identify communication solutions that will best suit the initial constraints (budget, time, audience, regulations) and generate the best results.

If you are looking to give a voice to your communications, we will help craft the message and find the right platform...


why choose us?

We evaluate and retain the best practices to meet your expectations and adapt to changing environments.
By analyzing the situation before, during and after each of our actions, SitRep Communications finds new ways to maximize the performance of its clients by adopting a modern approach to communication.
We create a positive experience to improve all stages of your communications!
By promoting the values of communication and transparency within all levels of your business units we create a new and positive information cycle, that will benefit your organization internally and externally.
We offer new ideas to create communication opportunities that will increase your business!
By using an effective research approach that combines a range of perspectives to define messages or content and the communication methods that will be relevant to your business.

Our Agency

Our Mission

Build programs that will help our clients increase brand awareness, conquer or extend customer loyalty, achieve growth targets, mobilize and motivate teams, develop harmonious and productive relationships with all stakeholders and key influencers in their industry.

Our Vision

"To help before seducing, to inform before promoting. "

Our Values

Independence, effectiveness, creativity, transparency and confidentiality.

Our Causes

Every year, SitRep Communications makes contributions to selected causes our team believes in. Over the years, SitRep has contributed to numerous fundraising campaigns for local non-profit organizations. We currently support Tel-Aide, a free, anonymous and telephone listening service, in English and in French, for people who need a confidential outlet to talk about their concerns or who are experiencing suicidal feelings.

Meet our staff

All members of the SitRep team are active with their field of expertise to ensure that our profession continues to adhere to the rules of ethics and professionalism.