Keeping the momentum on social media

Keeping the momentum on social media

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Momentum is generally defined by the equation of “mass x velocity”. But social media performance isn’t based solely on speed. Social media success is just a pendulum swing away if you can build momentum by incorporating appropriate principles into the blocks of your social media strategy. It doesn’t take much to get going, but once you have it you need to keep it up.

Stick to the plan and be consistent:
1. Set clear goals and stick to the plan

Create a simple social media strategy based on clear goals to attain, so that your social media manager is accountable for his or her work productivity. Plan monthly content calendars to facilitate conversations and make sure you don’t miss important events taking place in the virtual world.

2. Define your brand’s tone and personality

Now that you’ve set milestones, you need to communicate key-messages appropriately. Use a straightforward approach, ensuring that what you post on the networks is easily understandable, averting misinterpretation.

3. Prioritize your messages

As many of us understand, there is often more than one way to say something, but you can’t always say it all… Make sure that expectations are prioritized in an order that keeps employees in a forward-acting state (not reacting to interruptions).

4. Introduce new elements everyday

Once you get a rhythm going for posting content on social media you can implement new and incremental elements (videos, pictures, infographics, etc.) that match up to a larger plan. These little additions should help you target broader audiences and communicate your business goals more easily…

5. Measure against KPIs

Marketing managers often overlook defining the performance indicators to use in order for measuring success. Using engagement, impact and reach, elements of the evalue score, leads to a well-balanced social marketing strategy.

6. Celebrate the wins

Always remember to be thankful, to your followers as well as your team. Appreciation of effort and recognition of key milestones helps reinforce positivity and the mentality to keep on pushing.

Is there a lifespan for posts?

As mentioned earlier, one of the key components to a comprehensive social media strategy is consistency. So the lifespan of your posts will depend on the network, the strategy and how you work it!

Melissa Leiter recently wrote an article in Social Media Today, saying that Twitter “is probably the most cutthroat platform where your posts disappear the fastest. The lifespan of your tweets largely depends on the amount of people your followers are following. If you are one of 3,000, your tweet is probably going to be closer to that “couple of seconds lifespan.” You have to be concise (only 140 characters with picture URL) to make sure your tweet gets seen and gets engagement. Don’t be afraid to use a click bait strategy, it always works!

On Facebook, your posts will stay on your page forever, but the frequency they show up in your followers news feed will depend largely on Facebook’s algorithm… Since we have no control over that part, most businesses should post at the most relevant time for their audience and hope that it will grab the attention of many, in order to get bumped up in the newsfeed often.

Having a conversation on LinkedIn can last for days, weeks and months, since there is no predefined timeline for commenting. If you really want to get people’s attention, just post a question on a discussion group and all members will get LinkedIn group summary blast informing them of the new post. The goal here is to make it as attractive and compelling as possible. So keep it relevant and punchy!

YouTube videos will stay online indefinitely, unless someone removes them. You need to make sure your videos are optimized for SEO. All brands and business present on YouTube should seriously consider implementing SEO tactics when creating and optimizing your videos.

On Instagram, the number of people who will like your photos depends on the type of picture: unique, bizarre, funny and attractive, as well as on the number of people your followers follow you. Many people scroll through the pictures at some point of the day, but you can’t count on that to obtain visibility and recognition.

Overall, building momentum on social media and maintaining it depends on how often you are able to post, how you well your social media strategy is planned and which outreach tactics you choose. Building a community of followers takes time and energy. Ff you really want your content to be noticed you need to get their attention and attract new followers by directing them to the content. Unless you already have 100K worth of followers, you’ll need to keep working on it!

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