Lets Go Viral!!

Lets Go Viral!!

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There isn’t a day that goes by without a new video making the news – for better or for worse… In recent years, an increasing number of brands have literally exploded through video broadcasting on channels such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and now Instagram. It didn’t take much for everyone to talk about the use of videos to increase company profile, build brand awareness, sell products and launch digital marketing campaigns.

If I had a dollar for every time someone has said they wanted to make a “viral video”, I would probably be rich by now! However, virality is determined largely by uncontrollable but very specific elements such as a video’s unique or sexy nature, offensive/ridiculous content, or incredible, never-seen-before images. Good or bad, such elements can help your brand gain exposure and obtain “viral” sharing.

To be or not to be viral?

Virality is not always the way to go for corporate videos… But it all depends on your goals. Do you want to be recognized for your absurd advertising videos or your incredible products? I suspect your answer is the latter. In this digital age, the connection with the audience often starts with a video so you’ll want to make a great and lasting first impression.

Remember that the first days of your video’s launch are essential to its popularity so make sure to post one with maximum appeal. If an event or very trendy subject is its focal point, be sure to catch the wave and release the video expeditiously. Plan your release wisely and don’t overshoot. Timing is everything online!

Following industry best practices is key to attracting viewers, getting noticed and attracting viewers to watch more. YouTube has put together a few tips to Make your first video a success.

Widely available, but where?

If you are interested in presenting your company or brand to the widest possible audience, you will wonder where to post this magnificent digital gem, beyond the obvious corporate website. You’ll probably want to publish the video on hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

But which of these sites is best for your business? The answer depends on a number of factors, including the type of videos you produce, your target audience, and of course, your budget! Here, Business 2 Community explains the PROs and CONs of each platform in: Vimeo vs. YouTube: Will a Winner Emerge in 2014?.

Online video has become synonymous with YouTube. Its size and high profile make it an obvious consideration for hosting your business videos — and of course, it’s free. On the other hand, Vimeo has built its reputation on providing a professional platform with advanced features and a more engaged audience. Take your pick!

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